Events of 2020 

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27th of August

14:00 - 15:00       Information Seminar 

15:00 - 15:30       Fika!

15:30 - 17:00       Game Time!


Location: Å80127 - 


In our first event of the year, we will start with a friendly Information Seminar, which we will provide further information on the department, the different student services and the UTN. We'll also give you a brief introduction about student life in Uppsala. You can ask questions to senior students and meet with new friends! Information seminar will be followed by a very Swedish tradition, fika, where you can enjoy kanelbulle and coffee! (Vegan options included!) Then we will leave for a Kubb Game outside - a Swedish game that we can all play together and no worries if you have no idea how to play it because we will be there!

Looking forward to seeing you in our very first event! 


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Events of 2019

All activities of 2019's International Reception have taken place. Hope to see you this year! Pictures from previous events can be found on UTN's flickr account.

End of August    Welcome Centre
We'll be joining the Welcome Centre organised by the University from the 22nd until the 24th of August. New students receive practical information concerning studying in Uppsala, ranging from connecting to the university's wifi to how to open a Swedish bank account. Find us at the UTN stand to register for our events! Look for more information under 'Arrival Days autumn 2019' on the university's webpage.

2019-09-04    Welcome Reception (TekNat)  
17:30 at Siegbahnsalen, Ångström building
The first of two welcome receptions. This one is organised by the department of Science and Technology and will introduce you to the people and services within the department. See the full program here.

Are you a student of mathematics, physics or chemistry? Lucky you! The MFK, one of our befriended unions, is inviting you to join their hang-out after the welcome reception. See here for more info.

2019-09-05    Welcome Reception (UTN)   
17:30 at Siegbahnsalen, Ångström building
The second of two welcome receptions, organised by us. This reception is a continuation of the one on the previous day and will provide further information on the department, the different student services and UTN. We'll also give you a short talk on student life within Uppsala. The seminar will be followed by a short meet-and-greet where you have the opportunity to ask questions to senior students and faculty staff. Also be sure to attend the Pub Night organised on the same day!

2019-09-05    Pub Night   
18:30 at Uthgård, the union building on the Polacksbacken campus
Come to the International Pub night to eat, drink and meet people from around the world! We'll be serving chicken burger, haloumi burgers (vegetarian) and falafel burgers (vegan and gluten free). Furthermore, fries are on offer and a wide variety of drinks (including alcohol) are available at the bar. The Uthgård building also has a wide variety of games on offer. After the welcome reception at the Ångström building, 100 tickets will be handed out for a free burger. So be sure to add both events to your agenda!

2019-09-15   City Rally   
14:00 at Gotlands parken, city centre
The date has been changed from Saturday the 14th to Sunday the 15th of September!
We've organized an exciting city rally for you. Prepare for a scavenger hunt along some of Uppsala's most famous spots. An excellent way to explore the city and make new friends. Meet up at the starting point with your team, or build a team on the spot. Registeration ahead of time is compulsary, since we have a limited amount of places. Fill in the registration form here to sign up.

2019-09-27    Gasque   
18:30 at Pharmen building
A gasque is a traditional Swedish event, with signing, drinks and great food. A stay in Sweden is not complete without one of these extensive dinners. Our biggest event! We offer food either with meat (beef, non-halal) or with a vegan alternative. In case you suffer from any allergy, or have other dietary restrictions, we will take this into account.

The gasque ends around 11PM, but is followed by an afterparty until 1AM.