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Welcome to the official 2018 Masters' Reception

Starting on Wednesday 5th of September, we will have a series of events for students in the Science and Technology faculty.


UTN Masters reception on Facebook: In this group, we will keep you posted on events we are organizing during the reception weeks and we are more than happy to answer your questions about life and studies in Uppsala.


A note on UTN membership, UTN membership is free and you can register online at After you register you can receive a sticker on your student ID or a temporary ID slip for the UTN office, this is how we will validate membership in the UTN student union for our events.

A note about the Board of European Students of Technology, our events are staffed by volunteers from the BEST student group. If you are interested in traveling and cultural exchange with other students in Europe checkout their website at'



The Masters’ Reception Committee

If you have any questions about the reception feel free to contact the organisers at: mastercommander [at] or deputymastercommander [at]