About UTN

Information on the union

The International Committee is part of UTN, the Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students. This association is the student union for students at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology. As student union UTN works on improving many areas related to your studies.

Membership is free and very easy to arrange. Sign up here! The Union works hard at maintaining student-educational interests at the faculty, as well as helping students with education related needs and problems. Furthermore, as member of the union you can use the union house, Uthgård, for studying and meeting friends. You can also partake in union activities or even join one of the many committees. For more information on the union, have a look at the website.

The UTN has even assigned one of their full-time workers to assist international students !


Egil Schultz

Head of Academic affairs – External Affairs

Hello! I’m Egil and am one of eleven students who has taken a year away from their studies to work full-time for UTN. Five of us are responsible for the connection with the university where we push to make the education, classrooms and the situation in general, better for the other students.

One of my main responsibilities is towards the international students. Both in making the university at large better for you and making sure that you can be a part of the student voice influencing your education.

If you have any questions, be they about education, university or the union, feel free to contact me at utb-ex [at] utn.se, 070-287 99 99 or stop by at the office upstairs at Uthgård.