2020 COMMITTEE

Meet the members of this year's International Reception committee!


Pradeep Vanamala- Project Manager



My name is Pradeep Vanamala and I’m the project manager for this year’s Masters and Exchange Reception. I am from India and doing my masters in Renewable Electricity Production. I choose to become project manager, because during my time of arriving to Uppsala, I have noticed about the events from this committee and I decided I have to be part of such committee during my time . I want the new students arriving in Uppsala to feel welcome from the moment they arrive and believe me you would feel Uppsala as your second home and we want to be part your experience.  I hope that our reception can help these students settle into their new town.  We in the Masters and Exchange reception are looking forward to meet all the new students



Sumit Das - Vice Project Manager



Hello! My name is Sumit and I am the Vice Project Manager for MER 2020 (Master & Exchange Reception). I come from India and have graduated in Industrial Management this year. My aim is  to help new students make a smooth transition from their home country to Uppsala’s rich cultural life. I opted to work in project management because of my past professional experience. My responsibility in my current role is to conduct the reception in line with the UTN’s policy, activity plan and budget.




Müge Keskin - Head of Marketing


I'm Müge and I am the Head of Marketing for this year’s Master and Exchange Reception. I am an energy systems engineer from Turkey, currently studying Master's in Sustainable Development. Uppsala is a very lovely place to study and I trust you will enjoy this journey as much as we do! There are a lot of activities you can join and lots of good friends that can accompany you- well, it's good that we can promise you both :) I hope to reach all newcomers to join us and we hope to give you a warm welcome with our events! 




Ankit Pandey - Head of Events



Hello, My name is Ankit and I'm working as the head of events for the Master and Exchange Reception. I am from India and pursuing Master's in Computer Science here at Uppsala University. My goal is to help people induct into university life as easily as possible. Along with this, I wish to make the induction week fun for the incoming students through some fun activities. I'm looking forward to welcoming the new students at our reception and hope they have a great time in Uppsala! Do reach out to me if you have any doubts regarding anything. Cheers!



Nitish Kulkarni - Head of Communications

Hello, I am Nitish Kulkarni and I am currently doing my master's studies in Industrial Management and Innovation. I am from Dombivli, India, and I would like to describe myself through a short analogy. Project Management or Industrial Engineering and Management were one of my key subjects during my bachelor studies in Mechanical Engineering. The most important lesson that I have learned in this domain is that projects could be only successfully executed when all the questions regarding the details of the tasks they are supposed to execute are clear. The key finding here is that there should be proper communication among all the members working in a project.  This brings us to explaining a bit about my role as the Head of the Communications i.e. “to communicate”. You can bring your concerns to me and I will try to help you as much as I can through my personal experience so that you can get a vivid idea on how Uppsala could be and through this process, I intend to make your stay in Uppsala slightly easier than it could be.






Carolina Hertzberg

Project manager

My name is Carolina and I’m the project manager for this year’s International Reception. I was actually born in Uppsala, well 17 kilometers away but I think that is close enough. I choose to become project manager, because of the experience I had during my study exchange in Hamburg, Germany. When I arrived, everything was so confusing and I spend my first time abroad freaking out about all types of different matters. I want the new students arriving in Uppsala to feel welcome from the moment they arrive and I hope that our reception can help these students settle into their new town. As the project manager, my main goal is to realize this. We in the international reception are looking forward to meet all the new students!






Nima Ghoroubi

Vice Project manager

My name is Nima, I am studying Computational Science and I am the Vice Project manager of the International Reception. I come from Iran and I chose to study at Uppsala University, because I was fascinated by the history and age of the institution. After existing for hundreds of years, it ranks as one of the top universities in the world. My hope is to hold a reception where everyone from every ethnicity feels welcome. I aim to ease the merging of the international and native students, so that culture and language barriers are not an obstacle in making the new students feel at home!




Kughan Krishnaswami

Head of Marketing

Hi! I am Kughan, a Master student from India studying Embedded systems at Uppsala University. I came here with some hopes of how a university with a reputation like UU should be and I would say I’m very happy with the campus and the city as a whole. I joined the UTN International Reception committee to work towards welcoming the incoming students. I hope to help them have a smooth transition during their arrival in Uppsala and to settle in fast. As the Head of Marketing my job is to advertise the reception and take care of the sponsorship. I’m looking forward to welcome the new students to our reception and I hope they’ll have a good time here and learn a lot!




Erik Jan Bootsma

Head of Communications

Hello! As Head of Communications it is my job to administrate the Instagram, Facebook and website of the committee. Apart from that, I’m also happy to be the main organizer of one of the events, the City Rally. I’m originally from the Netherlands, where I studied Ecology for four years. However, I decided to pursue a MSc in Computational Science, to specialize in data analysis and mathematical modelling. I hope I’ll be able to interest all the new students in attending our events coming September!