Welcome to the official 2018 Masters' Reception


2018-09-05    Welcome Reception

Introduction to the department, different student services and UTN. See the schedule at http://teknat.uu.se/new-student/welcome-reception/

2018-09-08    Barbecue

2018-09-15   Day trip to Åland

We will go together on a day trip to the beautiful island Åland. Åland does not belong to Sweden but to Finland (they speak Swedish there though).

We are looking forward to good weather and the activities we have organized for you, including walking around, playing games and having lunch and of course just a nice day in general.

In the morning, we will take a bus from Uppsala central station and go to the ferry to Åland. In the evening, we will head back by ferry and bus. We will try to organise food and drinks for the day!



2018-09-30    TBD (end of October/November)


Stay tuned for more information!

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